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Grammar nitpick of the day 
2007-10-26 (Fri) 10:31
Dear Sky News,

"Breaking news: NATO say two of its soldiers killed in eastern Afghanistan"

While I realise that there is some contention about whether organisations are grammatically singular or plural, I don't think you get to dodge the problem by treating them as both in the space of four words ...

(Apologies to any who find nitpicking such a statement to be tasteless. My mind just works that way, particularly in airports after no sleep.)
2007-10-27 (Sat) 09:04 (UTC)
What I want to know is what or who did the soldiers kill? An old lady's pet budgerigar?
2007-10-27 (Sat) 22:02 (UTC)
(Offtopic: ghoti left her phone here and one of her AG dolls, Addy. I will figure out a way of getting them back to you; should we maybe post them to you in England?)
2007-10-27 (Sat) 22:04 (UTC)
that was me.
2007-11-07 (Wed) 13:41 (UTC)
Happy birthday for yesterday!
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