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Bedtime stories 
2009-01-19 (Mon) 23:02
If you'd told me in German classes at school that, twelve years later, I'd be reading German bedtime stories to my daughter (managing to read far enough ahead to put some expression into it), I don't think I'd have believed you!

("Als der kleine Nachtbär kam" is very sweet.)
2009-01-20 (Tue) 09:17 (UTC)
Aww :)
2009-01-20 (Tue) 10:09 (UTC)
cool; I'm not sure I've read anything to mine in a foreign language. I did used to sing John Taverner's The Lamb to Sam, which I wondered if it was a little high-brow. It seemed right at the time.
2009-01-20 (Tue) 10:10 (UTC)
Mother has some nice German nursery songs, but I never got round to learning them...
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