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Apple fiend

We started Judith on solids yesterday: a little earlier than recommended, but she was HUNGRY ALL THE TIME. We gave up on the high chair fairly quickly as she was having trouble staying upright in it, and getting rather upset. Two spoonfuls (by which I mean "little bit on the end of a spoon") of apple sauce later, she fell asleep. Eating is clearly hard work.

After finishing the first feed, I'm not entirely sure how much apple sauce was inside her and how much was on the bib, but there was certainly lots of the latter. She gave an enormous burp and then managed to grab a clean bit of her bib and wipe her face with it. We were very impressed.

Today she ate about three or four teaspoonfuls of apple sauce; the guidelines for how much you should expect your baby to want when starting them on solids say about one teaspoonful. Hardly any of it went on her bib, compared with yesterday.

I don't think we're going to have problems getting this one to eat for a while!
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