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Motor control 
2009-06-27 (Sat) 09:00
Judith can now change the active tab in my web browser (if the mouse pointer happens to be somewhere over the tab bar anyway). I suppose I needed quick reactions anyway while sitting with her at my desk, especially since she likes to make the occasional grab for my coffee cup ...
2009-06-28 (Sun) 01:54 (UTC)
The skill acquisition process is fascinating in children. That's probably the only reason I'd ever want one, is to observe the process and see what variables affected it.

(Hooray, finally somebody who won't look at me funny when I say their children are fascinating instead of adorable or something.)
2009-06-29 (Mon) 09:58 (UTC)
You can call my children fascinating any time. Especially if they happen to be very annoying at the time...
2009-06-30 (Tue) 04:50 (UTC)
The most fascinating thing if you're not in a rush is the tantrum. Leif didn't have that many - possibly because the first time, Angie and I talked about how cute it was, and hugged him for being adorable.

2009-06-28 (Sun) 03:25 (UTC)
Go Judith!
2009-06-30 (Tue) 04:53 (UTC)
Shell learn to psych you out in other ways. Leif discovered my laptop has a touch screen and the mouse would follow his finger.
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