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Portland airport 
2010-02-07 (Sun) 10:17
Got through check-in and security, and to within TSA-approved rock-throwing distance of the departure gate, in what must have been all of twenty minutes.

I'm now on the free wifi listening to a live piano performance of what I've just managed to identify as improvised variations on Beethoven's Choral Symphony.

Even the airport doesn't suck. Portland rocks.
2010-02-07 (Sun) 19:32 (UTC)
It does indeed.
2010-02-07 (Sun) 20:45 (UTC)
Now I want to go there and see, and I don't even want to go to Portland.
2010-02-07 (Sun) 21:28 (UTC)
Oregon? Yes, it does. Make sure to check out Powell's if you've got long enough (and have enough money). The giant one on Burnside. Also, Mill Ends Park, the smallest park in the world, is downtown. And I highly recommend you take in an Omnimax show at OMSI, across the river. It's like IMAX's bigger, smarter brother (and was around first, but IMAX is cheaper, so). They used to explain all the projection equipment and everything before shows, but I don't know if that happens anymore. If not, you can ask, the people there should still be nice and helpful (they were when I left them; if they're not now I'll be irritated). And make sure to get plenty of Tillamook cheese and ice cream (the factory's on the coast, if you get over there; the cheese can be had on burgers in Burgerville restaurants). And I'm sure there're other neat things to see that I'm not thinking of offhand.

Unless you meant Maine, which I guess is possible, because I've never been there. Free wifi and live Beethoven sounds more like Oregon, though.
2010-02-07 (Sun) 21:29 (UTC)
Shoot, that was me. Stupid thing keeps logging me out these days.
2010-02-08 (Mon) 01:26 (UTC)
Dur. And I fail reading comprehension. Departures = leaving. I blame having been outside in too-bright sunlight for a while, must've done something to my eyes.

Well, if you're there again, now you know :P
2010-02-28 (Sun) 15:50 (UTC)
I did make it to Powell's and OMSI before I left, yes - I made a special point of spending much of that Saturday in Powell's. :-) Although not to the Omnimax - we went to the "After Dark" wander-around-science-museum-with-booze session.
2010-02-08 (Mon) 05:11 (UTC)
How do you fail to mention Voodoo doughnuts? =)
2010-02-08 (Mon) 15:37 (UTC)
It is a thing of which I've never heard. I moved out of Oregon 11 years ago, so if it's come up since, I wouldn't know about it. And then I didn't live in Portland to begin with (Scappoose, which is nearby), so I didn't know all the local haunts.

There was also this small, dark little restaurant under .. shoot, what bridge was it. Hawthorne? I don't know, on the east side of the river, tiny little place, you'd never know it was there. Amazing food, although that was so long ago that could easily have changed. No idea what it was called, there weren't signs up anywhere, and it was impossible to get in without reservations.

And then Plush Pippin (in St Johns) closed down ages ago, or I'd recommend them too. Best pies *evar*.

But Voodoo doughnuts doesn't ring any bells :)
2010-02-28 (Sun) 15:50 (UTC)
We did have them, although not in the airport. :-)
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