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Books to recycle 
2015-01-15 (Thu) 11:59
We have a ridiculous excess of books, not so much compared to how many books I want to have in an ideal world, but certainly compared to how much space we have for storing them, so I'm going to start trying to cull them. Does anyone who I'm likely to see in the next month or two want any of these, for free? Otherwise I'll take them to a charity shop or similar.

Scott Adams: The Dilbert Future
Robert Asprin: Another Fine Myth
Tim Berners-Lee: Weaving the Web
Alex Boese: Elephants on Acid, and Other Bizarre Experiments
The Harvard Lampoon: Bored of the Rings
Seanan McGuire: October Daye, books 1-4 (Rosemary and Rue; A Local Habitation; An Artificial Night; Late Eclipses) - these were water-damaged thanks to the good care taken by a courier so we got replacement copies, but I believe they're still readable
Mil Millington: Things my girlfriend and I have argued about
New Scientist: Do Polar Bears Get Lonely?
Lemony Snicket: A Series of Unfortunate Events, books 1-3 (omnibus)
Keir Thomas: Beginning Ubuntu Linux

ETA: added the Lemony Snicket This entry was originally posted at http://cjwatson.dreamwidth.org/17081.html. Please comment there using OpenID.
2015-01-15 (Thu) 16:15 (UTC)
Could I paypal you postage for the Seanan McGuire books? :)
2015-01-16 (Fri) 00:58 (UTC)
I'm afraid kaberett beat you to it over on Dreamwidth. Sorry! They are excellent though. ;-)
2015-01-15 (Thu) 18:12 (UTC)
I realise I've never actually read The Dilbert Future, just had people quote bits of it at me. I'd quite like to find out the hard way whether people have quoted all the good bits at me. (-8

I can also recommend Bored of the Rings and the New Scientist book to people, albeit so much so that I already have my own copies…
2015-01-16 (Fri) 00:58 (UTC)
No problem, you can have it. I'll bring it to the pub next time I'm there ...
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