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2009-05-01 (Fri) 22:56
cjwatson.dreamwidth.org. Mostly for reading convenience for now until I decide whether I want to do anything more interesting with it.
2009-05-02 (Sat) 14:50 (UTC)
A place for writers and stuff sounds neat. I'm imagining your first entry:

Up again.
Outside is black as night.
She's finally asleep.
Counting sheep.
But soon it will be light.
My darling child,
I love you so.
And I wish you lengthly dreams.
I'll try to sleep now.
Thought I don't know quite how,
For you've started your next round of screams.


Haven't chatted with you in ages. I hope you're well!

Jeff Bailey
2009-05-03 (Sun) 07:28 (UTC)
got any invites left?
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