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Things Judith can do 
2010-03-14 (Sun) 08:34
  • walk
  • climb upstairs without help
  • climb downstairs with help to balance
  • carry a bag
  • eat with a fork or spoon
  • brush her teeth
  • brush her hair
  • change TV channel using a remote control
  • kick a ball
  • pretend to write and read it back
  • talk a little ("again", "good girl", ghoti reckons she's even heard "Ju" referring to herself, etc.), though you need special training to understand her
  • refuse to perform most of the above on demand
2010-03-14 (Sun) 11:52 (UTC)
can she operate the video machine?
2010-03-14 (Sun) 21:28 (UTC)
We cunningly don't have one. So far she has yet to either record or delete things on/off the Sky+ bnox, though.
2010-03-14 (Sun) 22:57 (UTC)
Kick a ball??? How old is she? A year? Gosh.
2010-03-15 (Mon) 20:47 (UTC)
It's the cutlery that gets me. She looks so grown up, spearing food on her fork.
2010-03-18 (Thu) 11:32 (UTC)
Yay proud daddy!
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