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December days: Whisk(e)y 
2014-12-30 (Tue) 14:51
I've run out of prompts for the month, but I think tomorrow I'll do a general looking-forward-to-2015 post, and today since I'm a bit low on sleep and effort I thought I'd just borrow a not-too-challenging prompt from cartesiandaemon via ghoti's journal, namely whisky (and here's ghoti's version). Though of course being Irish I'll insert the extra "e" as an option.

It took me a while to get into whisk(e)y; I think most people find it a bit of an acquired taste. I had the odd drop of Bushmills at home once I came of age, which was the local (ish) distillery and remains my favourite of the Irish distilleries. It's usually fairly easy to get hold of, even if only one of the younger ones, but the 15-year is reasonably obtainable, and Irish whiskey generally matures more quickly than Scotch.

At university we had the odd whisky-tasting, usually only Scotch, and although in hindsight there was nothing really very special (Glenmorangie was probably the best) I liked what I tasted. Later on I was introduced to better stuff, especially the various Islay malts, and loved it. By the time we got to choosing alcohol for the toasts at our wedding in 2005, ghoti and I were looking around champagnes before deciding, you know what, we don't actually know much about what champagne we like but we do know about whisky, so let's do that instead. That seemed to be a hit.

I'm not a real connoisseur, mostly because I simply don't find myself drinking often enough, so the single malts I drink these days are usually in the £30-40/bottle price range (i.e. decent but nothing hugely special) rather than the really amazing stuff. Favourites include Talisker, Ardbeg 18, Lagavulin, and Bowmore. We have a pretty considerable whisky stash which hasn't emptied out for some time, so I must remember to have nightcaps more often ...

This post is part of my December days series.
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2014-12-30 (Tue) 18:01 (UTC)
If you like Ila malts you may like Caol Ila.
Another favorite of mine is Springbank, but as a Campbelltown malt is quite different to Ila ones
2014-12-30 (Tue) 19:27 (UTC)
I do like Caol Ila from time to time but usually find it a bit over-peaty for my taste. I haven't yet tried Springbank, nor indeed any of the Campbeltown malts; will have to keep my eye out for them ...
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